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Junk Removal

Tio's Junk removal service in Orange County is your local provider of high-quality junk removal services. They offer a wide variety of junk removal services, including furniture removal, carpet removal, appliances, hot tubs, pools, sheds, swing sets, construction debris, and more to clear out all your unwanted items at once. Their professional luggers can handle all the heavy lifting, so you never have to lift a finger.

Once our team of professionals arrives, they work hard to donate and recycle as many of your items as possible. Any items that cannot be reused or recycled are disposed of responsibly. Book your free, on-site junk removal estimate today.


We are proud to serve all of Orange County, New York and surrounding areas!

Carpet removal

Have your carpets suffered from water or other damage, or you are just looking to expose the hardwood underneath? Whatever the reason, we can take care of removing your carpets for you. 

We can also remove all staples from the floor, and tack strips around the perimeter!

Check out some of the projects we've done!

Separating Waste

Your junk removal experts in Orange County, NY

We are a continuous 5 star rating business. We thrive on values such as commitment, honesty and most importantly - experience. 

Learn about our reviews, stories, clients and more through our social media channels! 

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